The International Kong Soo Do Association is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of traditional Korean martial arts in the form of practical self-defense skills. 


In the sport dominated, "McDojang" scene of Korean Martial Arts today, the IKSDA stands as a motivated group of self-defense oriented practitioners, who refuse to degrade the true traditions for the sake of mere gain and commercialism.

The IKSDA can be best defined in a single word, INTEGRITY.  If following the roots and true concepts of your art and becoming part of the solution to what plagues the contemporary Korean Martial Arts is your goal, then consider joining the IKSDA. Together, we can take the necessary steps to bring the true recognizable values back into the Korean Martial Arts we practice.


The IKSDA is non-political. You will not be drained for funds for special courses, advanced rankings, school certifications and the like, as other organizations so willingly promote. Where other organizations charge large sums of money, usually on a sliding scale that increases as your rank increases, the IKSDA charges ONLY the processing fee for the certification and S&H.  That is ALL!  Complete details on the Information page.


 To quote the old proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step".  Allow us to take that step with you.